Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I’m Jose, 31, Dutch, wanderer, outdoor-lover, traveller. A dreamer who loves playing music, snowboarding and mountainbiking.

Burn out & ADD

At one day, when I was 27, while having 3 different jobs and studying in the evenings, I completely collapsed. I could hardly walk from my couch to the kitchen. I was exhausted.

“You have a burn out”, was my doctors diagnose. “Just rest…”.

A year later, still at home, my psychologist diagnosed me with ADD.

Ever since, I did everything to become an expert in how to be happy and healthy, on a natural way, without medication.

How I improved my health and happiness.

I tried everything that came on my path, starting with meditation (a mindfulness course), Tai Chi & Healing Tao/Chi Kung. I read many books on ADHD, nutrition, mindfulness, Buddhism.

After a couple of years, I can say I found a balanced life. The combination of physical exercise, yoga, meditation and nutrition does the trick for me.

I’m gluten free, (mostly) sugar free, (mostly) free from coffee. Vitamins are supplementing my diet and help me reducing the ADD symptoms.

Sometimes I’m still struggling, finding my way of living within the rules of our society.

The fellow wanderers I meet while traveling

While traveling (in New Zealand at the moment), I met many people who’s life seems similar to mine. They are wandering spirits, creative, highly intelligent, multi talented. Their parents want them to find a fulltime job and start a family. But something is not right.

Many travellers are trying to find their way into society too.

ADD a disorder? 

The name Attention Deficit Disorder is wrong. It’s not a disorder. Our society is just not made for people who are different. Who’s brain functions differently. Kids with ADHD or ADD don’t have a disorder. They are extremely creative, talented, active. I believe the education system is wrong. Those kids can’t sit still for a whole day, learning things they don’t care about. But if you give them something they care about, they are the quickest learners.

People with ADHD or ADD don’t fit in our society.

I’m pretty convinced I can’t function in ‘our society’, with all the expectations, rules and systems. I can’t (and don’t want to) be in a fulltime job. I can’t work for a company who only cares about profit.  I can’t be a good employee Monday-Friday, from 9-5. I can be very productive from 9-3 and move mountains. After 3pm I can be exhausted, being in desperate need to rest. After a short rest, I might move a mountain again. Or not.

I’m pretty convinced I can do the same amount of work as a 9-5 person, on different times of the day, or maybe even in a shorter timeframe.

How I can help you?

Are you wandering, trying to find your way in being happy in our society?

By writing about my experience and sharing my knowledge, I hope to inspire people to really think about the life they are living.


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