How did I learn to have a happy mind…?

When I was 27, I had 3 jobs and I was studying in the evening. I had lots of social obligations and a lot of fun (I thought). One day, I completely collapsed. I could walk from my bed to the kitchen, to the couch and back to bed. After that, I used all my energy for that day. 

My doctor couldn’t find anything physical, apart from a small bladder infection. After 3 months, I still wasn’t recovered. My therapist said I wasn’t depressed, and he send me back to the doctor. My doctor told me I had a burn out. 

He couldn’t do much for me. I had to rest. I was resting for weeks, but there was no improvement, so I started to try things myself. The months after, I tried many things, like alternative medicine, tai chi, chi kung, yoga and meditation. I also found out I have ADD. 

I’ve been home for about 2 years. After 4 years, I’m still not working full-time. And I don’t know if I ever will be working full-time again. 

I looked at my burn out as an amazing opportunity to improve my life. I’m really grateful that I got the chance to work on myself, because I’m way more happy than I used to be. 

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